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tv   News  ABC  July 9, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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it's 5:30. we will trade you two for one. this russian spy story gets crazier by the minute. >> yes, it does. oakland is having a tough time. there is racial unrest after a recent court decision. every pill in your medicine cabinet is affected. find out why and what you should do. "good morning, maryland." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm peggen pringle and it is friday. there was a cooldown yesterday. you were talking about yesterday, now this, i can deal
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with. i thought, i can't. >> i don't remember that. [ laughter ] meteorologist, justin berk here. >> was i talking weather? >> yes. >> high 90s definitely that string of hot weather will start to taper off. we'll do so more so over the next couple of days. one thing you will notice is we are starting to talk about some rain and we desperately need rain as drought conditions and building all that heat. no storms will do that for new july. a coastal storm movessenland, makes it more humid today and developing showers and thunderstorms becoming more widespread over the next couple of days. one thing i want to point out to you right now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have noticed showers in northern and sections of carroll county. we have a band pushing around the bay near aberdeen. it's possible we could have sprinkles around the bay this morning. really, the storms we expect to develop will be this afternoon and becoming much more
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widespread tonight and tomorrow. temperatures right now waking up at 75 near baltimore. we'll check on the weekend soaker possible coming up in a couple of minutes. it is 5:31. here's kim brown with traffic. >> thanks, justin. northbound lanes to 97, you'll see police activity getting attention from drivers. not anything that should slow you up too much. still dealing with the water main break issues in baltimore city. westbound pulaski highway remains closed. the alternating traffic gets by on the eastbound side. here on 95, this is at 195 in arbutus, you will not find any problems looking good along the whole 'vette stretch. traffic doing well hear on the beltway and harford road. very light volume at speed at this time. traffic doing okay. no problems on the harrisburg expressway this morning or alongside frederick road. megan and jamie, back to you. this is amazing.
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two countries can come one a trade faster than the orioles andy macphail. we have john hendren with the deal between the united states and russia. >> reporter: ten spies head from russia, a reminder that cold war style espionage is alive and well. >> the cold war is over, but the game goes on. >> reporter: the russian spies pleaded guilty to acting as unregistered foreign agents and were sent home after serving only 11 days. >> it is here under deep cover and oftentimes they are sleepers and stay dormant. >> reporter: they are scheduled to be exchanged in vienna for four russian prisoners including a nuclear scientist who insists he's innocent. later, the spies head to moscow with a message to the u.s. government. >> if you come to america, you will be exposed and arrested. >> my name is anna chapman. >> reporter: the attorney says she had only given information
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that was available freely on the internet. some paid a high price. as their parents headed to russia, this teenaged boy is left behind. >> are they scared and worried about their new life? >> reporter: the lawyer for his mother sus the russian government promised her $2,000 a month free housing and visas for her children. after russia, pelaez plans to head to peru. the nuclear scientist being freed from a russian prison says the spy swap has left him depressed because now he'll never have the chance to prove he's innocent. john hendren, abc news, washington. there is a big situation going on out in california due to racial unrest in oakland this morning. protesters have broken into stores, set garbage cans on fire. this all comes 0 of a verdict in a controversial case. a white former transit officer who killed an unarmed african- american men was convicted of
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involuntary manslaughter. several passersby videotaped the officer shooting oscar grant in the back as he lay face down on a train platform. >> my son was murdered, and the law has not held the officer accountable the way that he should have been held accountable. >> prosecutors said that johan became angry at grant for resisting arrest. he claims that he mistakenly drew his gun instead of a taser. involuntary manslaughter carries a sentence of two to four years. also this morning, a man died after being attacked in a gas station. the whole thing caught on tape. according to sheriff's deputies, the 67-year-old man did not notice the 21-year-old man ryan wilson trying to pull his car up to the same pump. authorities say after the victim paid and was leaving, he walked past wilson's girlfriend who claimed he stepped on her foot. police say wilson got out of his car and ran towards the
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victim and hit him. he hit his head on the pavement, fracturing his skull. a former english teacher convicted of murdering her estranged husband and trying to kill their daughter will be sentenced next month. a baltimore jury rejected arguments that mary kuhns was mentally impaired when she killed her husband. she worked for more than 30 years in the baltimore county school system. police are investigating after a man was found floating on the brush river in harford county. authorities found the man after a boat was spotted going around in circles. he is identified as james actioner in bel air. he was alive when police found him but died on his way to the hospital. a nearly 25 foot long humpback whale was wash add shore. a film crew captured video of the animal before it hit land
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last night. apparently, the tide carried the carcass ashore. people say there is quite a stench in the area. local authorities say they plan to carry the animal back out to sea. this morning, a 5 million puppy is still trapped beneath the street in west baltimore. originally seven puppies were trapped in the 1700 block of west garrison avenue. a man managed to get the other six puppies out and the last fell down the drain. ever since, animal control has set traps but so far, the puppy just eats the food and avoids the trap. johnson and johnson is expanding the recall of their medicine. and seeing some of the worst flooding in years. here's justin now with your own weather. >> and now with the remnants of a tropical system that may get caught up with a frontal boundary and pipe that our way.
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right now, a partly cloudy to clear across the area. 75 and another humid day and big rain perhaps on the way. right now, let's go to the mta with mark jones. >> reporter: dealing with a delay on the penn line. the other trains are operate on time. light rail on time but with the construction downtown between camden yards and cultural center, shuttle buses under place there. the number 44 bus is running 30 minutes late. the 19 and 27 buses are take a diversion at fayette and howard due to a construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪ think fast, go slow ♪ now i know ♪ freedom is all that i need [ female announcer ] ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k® low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving,
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all right. here we are in texas. warder towns are getting hit with a one-two punch. laredo suffered devastating flooding. the rio grande river has been rising to alarming levels forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes and more showers are in today's forecast, justin. we could use some of that rain, and we may get some of that rain over the weekend.
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skies are looking a little ominous this morning for a change of pace. look at this view from sparrows point. that looks a little threatening, doesn't it? we've spotted a couple of sprinkles and shower as cross the bay. we had some back in carroll county. 75 feels like 79 in southeast baltimore county. we take to you the boardwalk in rehoboth, 72. they get more rain into the delaware and maryland beaches today. satellite radar highlighting showers to our west and also off the coast. we may get a few popping this afternoon. right now it is 5:42. here's traffic with kim. >> reporter: thanks, justin. we still don't have any accidents to let you know about. northbound 97 at willem avenue keeps persisting. westbound pull lascar highway closed at clinton street.
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eastbound traffic gets by alternating in the eastbound lanes. as you approach the jfx, the traffic continues. lynn is a so has an update. >> reporter: remember the so- called hell train? changes are coming to the mta so riders don't have to take part of that commute. here what analysts say about lebron james future career. q
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it's 5:46. hot trains, delays, stranded cars. if you ride the m.a.r.c. train, this could describe the commute the last couple of weeks, it's been rough. linda? >> reporter: the mta has gotten complaints recently and so they are making changes to respond more promptly to your concerns. three weeks ago, 900 passengers were kept on board a stopped m.a.r.c. train with no a.c. in the sweltering heat. it prompted a public outcry from marc riders and officials. so now the call center will be
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kept open until 11:00 p.m. instead of 7:00. buses will be kept on stand by when temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees. since the incident involving the so-called hell train there have been delays nearly every day, trains running slower because of the heat and electrical and storm-related problems as well. >> we stopped short of the train station for what maybe 15 minutes? other than that, everything's running fine. >> reporter: now, here's the number for information about m.a.r.c. trains and delays. it's 1-800-325-rail. it will be open until 11:00 at night monday through friday. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. it is 5:47. johnson and johnson is expanding the recall of over- the-counter medicines. tylenol, motrin, benadryl.
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it is a follow-up to the january recall, remember that after complaints of a musty or moldy odor. the latest includes certain types of children's tylenol as well as benadryl, motrin, tylenol extra strength and tylenol p.m. the king has decided. lebron james will work for the miami heat next year. he, dwayne wade and chris bosh are being labeled the three my egos. sherrie johnson has more on what the experts are saying about lebron james' career now. sherrie? >> reporter: that was a good one. that's right, they call him king james. after much speculation, james announced his decision to leave the cleveland cavaliers and head to the miami heat. james is a hot commodity but is all of the hype justified or mostly hot air? experts say it's not where you start out but where you end up. they say it's posh to
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capitalize on the momentum because as quickly as the buzz builds, it can collapse. key is for james to make good on the hype. experts say james needs to validate his career with a championship ring. analysts are betting he'll go all the way. >> he's got hardware from the olympics but nothing from the nba. he's also only 25 years old. michael jordan was two years older than that when he won his first championship. he went on to win six of them and sneak in a baseball career as well. >> reporter: now, some harsh comments have come from dan gilbert, majority owner of the cleveland cavaliers. gilbert said in a statement to the fans, "i personally guarantee that the cleveland cavaliers will win an nba championship before the self- titled former king wins one, and you can take it to the bank." lebron james wants to earn his crown the old fashionle way, through winning. sherrie johnson, nbc news. >> they are really mad in new
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york, too. the post says lebum. >> and son of a beach. >> a lot of unhappy people out there. and he will talk to robin roberts today in an exclusive interview. >> you've got tayes to ohio. >> oh, my goodness, they sore angry, yeah. >> hey, listen, ty pennington and his crew from the extreme makeover edition will be in baltimore today. >> they will tell one family their home will be completely redone. ty and his crew will work for a week straight to get it done. the location? we'll find out when it will be revealed. coming up on "good morning, maryland" at 6:00, we'll talk about the show. good morning at 5:50. i'm still amazed that they said michael jordan had a baseball career with a straight
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face. that's still up for debate. 75 this morning right now in baltimore. up towards philly 77 and new york. it's warm backenland but the real mugginess is building back into the area. for two reasons, one is a frontal boundary to our west. i think the main player for us will be what's happening on the shorelines right now. there was rain yesterday at the beaches and more purring onshore right now. we'll pull this back wider. watch that wide circulation here nontropical with a tropical-like feel pumping in moisture from the bahamas and pulling it back inland. that area of low pressure will continue to wrap itself onshore and pull from east towards the west and catch up with this frontal boundary. that extends all the way down to texas. the tropical depression that came onshore and dumping all of that flooding rain in the rio grande is getting sucked up. this storm heads our way from
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the atlantic and both are merging on maryland. we'll have ourselves a good dose of downpours beginning tonight and tomorrow and i think tomorrow morning midday will be our best shot. he needs the rain. i'm sorry it's on the weekend but we'll take anything at any time after thee days of 100 all week. more widespread into the mountains with the frontal boundary. we'll have to see the influence of the coastal system and how it plays out along the chesapeake bay. we'll introduce the chance overinto the and into tomorrow. the computer indicates the heavy rain with the yellow, orange and red through baltimore and annapolis. scattered showers and storms continuing into the afternoon out towards the beaches. not a good day anywhere and at the pool tomorrow. on sunday, we'll clear out and begin to improve. today, we're going for 92. late day showers and storms turn to 74 tonight. we'll talk about the chance of
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heavier rain. justin is doing the happy dance over in east baltimore. they have reopened the lanes. all lanes are open now. that is good news as you make your way out the door and don't have to worry about those delays. drive times are all good. 795 wide open to route 140 down towards the beltway. as we lack at our cameras, traffic's doing good around the area. light volume, no problems in both directions on 95 here in caton avenue. stay with us because we have more "good morning, maryland" coming right back after this. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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all right. we're four away from 6:00. the emmys are out and baltimore's well represented. jason winner, a graduate of friends school is up. other nominees include "madmen" creator matthew wiener who's up for a writing episode. and we have the hbo drama that you love is up. and barry levinson, don't you know. you don't know jack.
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>> this' great, too. >> he's up for director. so that's not bad, huh? >> not bad at all. it took one incident to ignite a city. >> one decision to bring in dozens of riots. >> the riots are taking over oakland, california after a former transportation officer shot and killed an unarmed man. >> hey, a modular home company up in pennsylvania in charge of the extreme makeover home edition right here in the baltimore area. without pre-rinsing inside.
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!!! añoy sl the diamond . king me. the king moves to miami and cleveland is as upset with him as they were when the browns moved to baltimore. we're going to tell you what you have in your cabinet right


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